Truth In Surf Gate®

Create The Perfect Wave, Your Way

Malibu Boats’ Surf Gate® is the wake boat industry's original wake shaper. Designed to create the perfect wakesurfing wave at the touch of a button, Surf Gate is the best & most awarded wave shaper technology on the market — and it’s only available on Malibu & Axis boats.


Malibu’s Surf Gate system allows you to effortlessly design perfect waves for wakesurfers of every level. A pair of hydraulically actuated gates mounted at the stern of the boat are controlled by the Malibu Command Center at the helm. Surf Gate works alongside Power Wedge® III to create a perfectly customizable wave on either side of the boat with the push of a button.



Malibu Surf Gate system consists of two main elements:

Malibu Surf Gate

Surf Gates

A pair of patented hydraulically actuated gates mounted at the stern — one to port and one to starboard.

The Malibu Command Center™

A user-friendly touchscreen interface alongside an easy-to-use keypad at the helm. The Command Center also features the Sport Rotary Dial — a slick joystick and rotary controller for quick access to popular Command Center features.

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Surf Gate is effortlessly controlled through intuitive touchscreen controls on the Command Center. Simply select your preferred wave position — left or right — and the gate on that side is deployed automatically while the surfer is being pulled up. Thanks to Surf Gate, shaping the perfect wave is now easier than ever. Now you and your crew can spend more time on the water and less time setting up the boat.

The Sport Rotary Dial, meanwhile, gives you quick access to some of the most frequently-used functions on the Malibu Command Center. Adjust the wake - including customizing the wedge and surf side - as well as mute or turn up/down your music, or skip tracks with a simple flick of your wrist.


The superior technology available on Malibu boats provides full wave quality control at your fingertips. In addition to the Surf Gate system, Malibu boats feature two more systems that, together with Surf Gate, allow you to create the perfect wave, every time:

  1. Hard Tank™ Ballast (with optional Plug n Play)
  2. Power Wedge® III

Hard Tank™ Ballast

With up to 6,100 lbs. of ballast across the Wakesetter® brand lineup and the optional Plug ‘n Play plumbing for additional weight, Malibu’s model-specific hard tank ballast systems offer you the ability to add additional weight to the boat to further customize the size and shape of your wake or wave. The ballast is efficiently and easily controlled by the Malibu Command Center. Built-in sensors continuously measure the ballast system for precise control and feedback at all times.

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Power Wedge® III

Power Wedge III is a patented, hydraulically deployed reverse hydrofoil mounted at the stern that adjusts the length and height of your wakes & waves by adjusting the pitch of the boat, automatically helping to get you on the plane faster. Featuring six different selectable positions as well as a lift position, Power Wedge III delivers the ultimate customizability to your wave.

Explore Power Wedge®

With lower settings such as 1 and 2, Power Wedge will help you create a long, mellow wave that is perfect for beginner surfers. As you increase the Power Wedge settings to 4, 5, or 6, the wave will become steeper for more experienced riders looking to carve big bottom turns and land big tricks.


Malibu Boats saw a need for convenience and innovation to accommodate the exploding sport of wakesurfing. Since the introduction of Surf Gate in 2013, Malibu Boats wake-specific hulls have been optimized through thousands of hours of computational fluid dynamics analysis and rigorous on-the-water testing to bring you the perfect wake and wave.

Out of these countless hours of experimentation, in 2013 Malibu’s Surf Gate was first introduced to the market on Malibu boats, and later introduced on Cobalt and Axis boats as well.

As the creator of the original and first-ever wake surf system, we understand how to create the perfect surf wake better than anyone else. There’s a reason it’s the most awarded surf technology EVER.

But we don't just sit around and enjoy our success either. Our 700+ craftsmen, craftswomen, and product engineers are devoted to the constant evolution of our products, and we have the patents and industry firsts to prove it. As the first towboat company to offer a wakeboard-specific boat as well as ski and wake-specific hulls, and the first to offer touch screens in boats, it should come as no surprise that we’re passionate about bringing you the best wake boats & technology on the market for the perfect on-the-water experience every time. And once you experience the Truth On the Water, we know that you'll agree too.

The Truth In Surf Gate®

As the creator of the original and first-ever wake surf system, we understand how to create the perfect surf wake better than anyone else. There’s a reason it’s the most awarded surf technology EVER.

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